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AVS System Info will give you lots of information about your system
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AVS System Info is a program that will give you lots of information about your system. This program will show you all the details regarding your hardware, such as your motherboard´s manufacturer, model, serial number and BIOS; your processor´s manufacturer, version, voltage, frequency; how much memory your system has, and more. The "Software" section will show you only the audio and video codecs installed in your PC. It will give you no information about any other software installed, including your operating system. In the "Benchmarks" section, AVS System info will allow you to run tests on your memory, CPU, hard disk(s) and 3D video. At the end of the benchmarks the program will show you a detailed report about each item tested. You will be able to see the report through the interface, but AVS System Info will also save it in an MHT file, that you can open with any browser. AVS System Info´s interface can be set to be in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The authors also offer technical support in those languages.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It gives you a lot of useful information about your system


  • It does not tell you which programs you have installed, or the operating system you´re running
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